Medzinárodná burza Europa-Markt 2015

7.-9.5.2015, Magdeburg, Nemecko

The EU-Market-Place will offer traders from all over Europe the unique possibility to present and sell services and products special being for their region or country. It will be combined with the traditional weekly market and it primarily addresses citizens of Magdeburg and the surroundings. B2B-meetings will be organized for interested traders.

When:      from 7 to 9 of May 2015
Where:     in the city centre at the old market place of Magdeburg
(about 180 km from Berlin)
address: Alter Markt, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

Equipment offered to the traders:
- kiosks (3 x 2 m) for the presentation of the specialties
- electricity and water
- support for organization

We expect traders of typical national specialties like food, drinks, art craft, touristic offers and so on; whatever they would like to offer.
Additionally we offer organization business to business meetings to establish new contacts and relationships for trade and representation. Basic document for the preparation of co-operation contacts is the co-operation profile, which interested traders should fill in and send to the organizers.

Own expenditures of traders:
The traders will have to pay is their own travel, transport and accommodation expenditures. Depending of the products and services the participants will sell and where they are come from, the organisers will charge a participation fee. To check the conditions, please, contact Mr. Fred Raabe, Agentur Esprit, Tel: +49 171 3420552, Mail:

Of course we will give assistance for accommodation and organize some social events.

We expect traders from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. Traders from additional countries are welcome.

Participating traders should fill in the co-operation profile and the application form, sign it and send it back to the organizer Enterprise Europe Network Sachsen-Anhalt until the end of March 2015.

Magdeburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Enterprise Europe Network Sachsen-Anhalt
Alter Markt 8 / 39104 Magdeburg

Mrs. Uta Otto

Tel: +49 391 56 93 340
Fax: + 49 391 5693 343

Iniciatíva Enterprise Europe Network je spolufinancovaná Európskou komisiou prostredníctvom Rámcového programu na podporu konkurencieschopnosti firiem a MSP (COSME) 2014-2020.