Hľadá sa partner do projektu IEE "Elektrina z obnoviteľných zdrojov energie"


Miestne stredisko pre pomoc a Výskum v poľnohospodárstve hľadá partnerov pre návrh projektu IEE :

"Electricity from renewable energy sources (RES-e)"

The main objective of the project consists in enabling farmers to identify the most suitable techniques and strategies to reduce energetic consumption; to perform more environmentally-friendly and to enhance their competitiveness.
Specific objectives of the project can be summarized as it follows:
1. Evaluating the efficiency/sustainability of existing renewable power plants for the production of energy which could be used by rural communities;
2. Helping farmers understand the administrative procedures necessary to use RES and to ask for funding;
3. Providing technical assistance to farmers to make the most appropriate choices and to start using RES;
4. Auditing farmers in order to evaluate energy and money saving achieved by means of the new techniques (Energetic Audit)


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Source: FirstClass / IamLooking4 / NMP / 2009-04-24

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