Hľadá sa partner do projektu INCAS – v oblasti systémov pre poskytovanie personalizovaných a rozšírených kultúrnych informácií občanom


Proposal name:
INCAS - Intelligent and Context-aware Systems for Providing Personalized and Enhanced Cultural Information to Citizens by means of Advanced Multimedia Formats delivered to Personal Devices or ad-hoc installations.

The INCAS proposal will focus on the effective transmission of information about different types of cultural expressions to citizens. The project will propose an innovative technological solution that will allow combining on-the-edge technologies to be used for the customized and effective provision of cultural information to the user whatever the context is. An effective transmission of information is performed when knowledge permeates the user and persists in time. To manage effectiveness it’s required that information is provided to the user in a suitable way (in format and in content). This means that:

  •  The format will differ depending on the type of medium where it will be reproduced (personal computer, smart phone, mp3 player) and the context (physical location) and characteristics of the user (e.g. existing handicaps that might require special accessibility issues).
  • The content will need to be adaptable to the receptor’s characteristics, such as her/his background knowledge and existing handicaps, but it will also be important to ensure that the content provided has the desired quality (allowing the user to observe the source of the information, history changes that may have been performed in it, etc).

Different scenarios of application will be analyzed, from architectural or monumental description to interpretation of pictorial or sculptural arts, offering a solution that will allow easy integration of technologies for the transmission of valuable multimedia information to citizens. The project will then demonstrate the results in two different scenarios.



Call Identifier: ICT Call 6 (FP7-ICT-2009-6)
Challenge: Challenge 4: Digital Libraries and Content
Objective: 4.1 Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation
Funding Schemes: STREP
Evaluation Scheme: One Step
Closure Date: 13/04/2010
Country: Spain


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