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Past and existing efforts for digital recapturing and preservation of European cultural and scientific heritage have consumed significant effort and resources for the digitisation, characterisation, and classification of content. Digital libraries have thus emerged providing electronic access for many communities of users to available information of their discipline. The law and its implementation is one of the pillars of socio-cultural evolution of a country. The study of jurisprudence and the search for similarities between different European Union countries can facilitate linkages vision shared by all Member States however there is a lack of institutional knowledge and expertise which causes inefficiency and ‘re-inventing the wheel’. This is a problem for the vast majority of libraries, museums and archives in Europe. A vital part of the European heritage, encompassing more than four centuries of historical law texts is becoming less and less visible to the public at large. Text mining and the semantic web can offer superior accessibility but requires digitalization of texts and use of tools that recognize archaic fonts and spellings, newspapers with complex layouts, bound volumes, microfilm or typescript.


Call Identifier: ICT Call 6 (FP7-ICT-2009-6)  
Challenge: Challenge 4: Digital Libraries and Content
Objective: 4.1 Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation
Funding Schemes: STREP
Evaluation Scheme: One Step
Closure Date:  13/04/2010
Country: Spain

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