Hľadá sa partner do projektu V-MAN v oblasti informačných a komunikačných technológií


Proposal name:
Innovative Business Environment and Its Supporting Tools for Virtual Enterprises in Manufacturing (V-MAN)

European manufacturing and service enterprises (and SMEs in particular) will have to adopt new business models and to establish collaboration networks to improve their competencies, e.g. more efficient operation, better quality product, rapidly response to market, more consumer satisfaction, and low cost, etc., as well as the sustainability so as to survival and be successful in the turbulent and rapidly changing market. The mission of the project is to study, design, develop and prototype a flexible, self-organization, generic ICT integrated solution in order to support the adaptation of European enterprises to address the challenges in future manufacturing industries. The project will i) develop innovative business model emphasizing operation efficiency and sustainability for SMEs in manufacturing, ii) create an innovative framework that enables flexible, dynamic and autonomous formation of collaboration networks to support the proposed business models and also realize the agile business processes for distributed enterprises, and iii) develop an innovative network infrastructure to effectively support operations and interactions amongst partner members over the Future Internet.


Call Identifier: Factories of the Future 2011 (FP7-2011-NMP-ICT-FoF)
Challenge: Information & Communication Tecnologies
Objective: FoF.ICT.2011.7.3 Virtual Factories and Enterprises
Funding Schemes: STREP
Evaluation Scheme: One Step Proposal
Closure Date: 02/12/2010
Country: United Kingdom


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