Hľadá sa partner do projektu VSDC (Virtual Service Delivery Center) - v oblasti vývoja internetovej platformy pre virtuálne služby


Proposal name:
Virtual Service Delivery Center (VSDC)

We would like to create Web based virtual service platform for various types of services. Customers would log in on the VSDC site in order to post their service requests. Similarly, service providers (in essence individual operators working from their homes) would log in on the VSDC platform in order to get jobs to be performed. In other words, the idea is to create effective interface between millions of potential service providers and millions of potential customers. In order to ensure data privacy, large jobs would be decomposed into small anonymous snippets. VSDC will perform automatic job decomposition. In addition it would monitor job quality and reassemble jobs (from the individual operator tasks). Also, VSDC will run automatic job exchange (akin of eBay for jobs) increasing remuneration if necessary in order to mobilize additional operators ensuring timely service delivery. Hence, service customers would benefit from cheap, quality service with very low set up cost (allowing wide use by small and medium businesses, which are presently excluded both from the outsourcing services and Web services such as Amazon Mechanical Turk). On the other hand, the platform would feature automatic training and payment guarantees for potential service providers making it attractive for the wide public including weak groups (such as unemployed, elderly, single parents etc.) . In order to ensure maximum efficiency, VSDC will strive to automate manual processes whenever possible. However, rather than using fixed solutions, VSDC will enlist participation of the wider development community. In order to achieve this goal, it will publish its interfaces allowing individual developers to post their own automation modules. Increased productivity will generate additional profits to be shared directly by developers, customers and VSDC. This proposal is being submitted in answer to the call 7.3 a: virtual enterprises (in our case) for service industry.


Call Identifier: Factories of the Future 2011 (FP7-2011-NMP-ICT-FoF)
Challenge: Information & Communication Tecnologies
Objective: FoF.ICT.2011.7.3 Virtual Factories and Enterprises
Funding Schemes: STREP
Evaluation Scheme: One Step Proposal
Closure Date: 02/12/2010
Country: Israel


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