Hľadá sa partner do projektu UVODE (Urban vehicle with storage functionalities of driver behavior based-on human ethology)


Proposal name:
Urban vehicle with storage functionalities of driver behavior based-on human ethology (UVODE)

Driver performance relates to the driver's knowledge, skill, perceptual and cognitive abilities. Driver behavior is what the driver chooses to do with these attributes. The ability to judge speed, and the capability to control the vehicle at that speed, are aspects of driver performance. The speed chosen is at the core of driver behavior. As driver performance focuses on capabilities and skills, it can be investigated by many methods, including experiments using laboratory equipment, driving simulators, and instrumented vehicles traveling on test tracks. As driver behavior is what drivers actually do, it cannot be investigated by such methods. As a consequence, we have less solid quantitative information about driver behavior than about driver performance. Particularly important, but difficult to quantify, are relationships between driver behavior and crash risk. The main UVODE goal is to create an ICT equipment (hardware-interfaced to computer car,software - modules predefined by specific driver behavior) add to vehicle to storage the driver behavior based-on the identification of fixed action patterns (FAPs)-FAPs as instinctive responses that would occur reliably in the presence of identifiable stimuli (sign stimuli);In the majority of cases, topical behavior of the driver results from certain kinds of motivational states and its intensity and a specific external stimulus.Other specific goal apply research about Pathology of driver behavior (Behavior cultural-specific, Behavior individual-specific), about the Prediction of driver behavior (Analysis descriptive, causal functional) and about driver Behavior and Culture.


Call Identifier: FET Open (FP7-ICT-2009-C)
Challenge: Future and Emerging Technologies
Objective: 8.0 FET Open: Challenging Current Thinking
Funding Schemes: STREP
Evaluation Scheme: Two Step Proposal
Closure Date: Short Proposal: Batch 01/01/2011
Country: Romania


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