Hľadá sa partner do projektu v oblasti výroby nanočastíc šetrnej k životnému prostrediu (FP7 - NMP)



Even though nanotechnology presents many opportunities and benefits for new materials with significantly improved properties as well as revolutionary applications and the industrial production and use of nanoparticles will be the driving force for the emerging new materials industry of the 21st century, there are still factors that need to be improved in order to achieve a competitive but also environmentally manufacturing industry.

Description of Project idea:
Sustainable practices and eco-friendly operations are quickly becoming the standard in every industry. However, it is hard to take into account sustainable considerations to produce in an eco-friendly way when the industrial production process is considered an emerging technology. This is the case of nanomaterial production at industrial capacities. The main result of the execution of the project is to achieve an environmentally friendly manufacturing process to produce at industrial scale a wide diversity of nanoparticles. In order to achieve the above mentioned results the project will study at least two nanoparticles production processes based on different synthesis method. The execution of the project will cover the different steps of the manufacturing of the process: - Reduction of the emissions - Reduction of the energy consumption by the utilisation of either renewable resources or by the development of energetically self-sufficient methods. - Utilisation of alternative and sustainable materials - Adequate management of hazard materials, including not only nanomaterials but also raw materials depending on their nature - Increase of the efficiency of the process in order to reduce by-products - Others relevant aspects of the processes



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