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ID: PSES4742

Sensing Information Technologies framework, for embodying perception capacities, learning abilities, cognition capabilities and evolution faculties into intelligent entities living on Internet

Project aims to use all the information derived from the real/virtual world to enable sensing entities that are aware of the environment, and that can understand the meaning of sensing events conveyed by environmental information, and that can thereby provide locally and remotely useful services to the society in an improved, bio-inspired way. Project goals to investigate, develop, implement, experiment and validate an Information technologies framework of models and patterns for acquiring and processing sequences of sensing events detection, for endowing multi-sensorial - audition, olfaction, vision and other senses - perception capacities, and semi-driven learning abilities, and for embodying cognition faculties and sensorial reasoning functionalities into artificial intelligent sensing entities. These entities will be able to accomplish missions being connected, communicated, included, as well trained, .. and live features and characteristics of being, grow, learn, act, adapt and evolve on Internet. Project builds an incipient platform prototype for the proof of concept, features and performances of these evolutionary intelligent entities.


Call Identifier: FET Open (FP7-ICT-2009-C)
Challenge: Future and Emerging Technologies
Objective: 9.1 FET Open: Challenging Current Thinking
Funding Schemes: STREP
Evaluation Scheme: Two Step Proposal
Closure Date: Full Proposal: Batch 24/05/2011
Country: Spain


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