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Proposal name:
A new conception of the automated imaging system

The aim of this project is to research new creating conceptions of the tools for simulation and visualization. The paradigm "the general algorithmic space" could be a conception of this variety. Result of the conception implementation can be construction of an universal automated system imaging. The core of system is the generalized parallel-and-recursive algorithm. It uses a common data structure and set of procedures for building visual models. This conception could become the basis for developing new generations of automated systems of simulation and visualization (CAM, CAD, CAV, CAE).


Call Identifier:  FET OPEN Call (FP7-ICT-2011-C)
Challenge: Future and Emerging Technologies
Objective: 9.1 FET Open: Challenging Current Thinking
Funding Schemes: STREP
Evaluation Scheme: One Step Proposal
Closure Date: Full Proposal: Batch 17/05/2011
Country: Ukraine


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