Hľadá sa partner do projektu v oblasti termosolárnych systémov v priemyselných procesoch


Programme / theme: Energy

Topic: ENERGY.2011.4.1-2

Call deadline: 07/04/2011

Project Title / Acronym: Low/medium temperature solar thermal systems for industrial process heat

Project Description: Bekaert approaches the solar thermic topic from a user point of wiew. In our process we use >1MW medium temperature heat (100 to 200°C) and we want to develop a system to provide our heating needs in a renewable way. We can provide the industrial setting to demonstrate the technology and can draw upon a R&D and Engineering Department to support the development and integration activities

Partner Sougth / Expertise required: Bekaert is searching partners for the development of a medium temperature solar boiler system for process heating. Bekaert is looking for solar heating technology suppliers or research centres with experience and expertise in the field of medium temperature solar heat.


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