FP7-SME: Hľadá sa partner do projektu v oblasti ambient intelligence


Call Identifier: FP7-SME-2012-BSG
Activity Area: Research for the benefit of SMEs
Funding Schemes: Research for the benefit of specific groups (SMEs)
Evaluation Scheme: Complete Proposal
Closure Date: 06/12/2011
Sub Area 1: Information and Communication Technologies
Sub Area 2: Electronics / Electrical Industry

Proposal name:
IPv6 Modular Sensor Nodes for IPv6 Modular Sensor Nodes for Ambient Intelligence


The main objective of this proposal is to enable the implementation of intelligent devices integrated into ambient intelligence scenarios using the new IPv6 (version 6 of the Internet Protocol) as the technological means by which to connect these embedded devices, with very limited computing and communication capacity, to the Internet. This requires the conceptualization, design and implementation of modular hardware/software solutions. Specifically, two types of devices will be developed: sensor nodes and header nodes.
Both of these can be fixed or mobile and both can be dynamically connected to or disconnected from the network. Irrespective of the type of node, all of them must establish their communications by means of the standard 6LoWPAN (IPv6 Low Power Wireless Personal Area Networks).
The development of systems able to integrate into intelligent environments and communicate via IPv6, is an area of innovation with the potential to provide important results over the next several years. Therefore, the main objective of this project is to design and implement the hardware and software architectures of the wireless nodes (sensor and header) needed to support the IPv6 communications protocol. These nodes will enable the development of so-called Ambient Intelligence.



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