Hľadá sa partner do FP7/Food - Behavioural models for prevention of obesity


Call/Area: KBBE-2009-2-1-03

Abstract: Behavioural research on nutrition and physical activity has started to develop recently. A better understanding of why people eat the foods they eat or why they do (or do not) participate in physical activity will help towards designing more effective programmes to combat obesity. Strategies should be evaluated and new ones developed to influence behaviour, particularly of children, based on assessing existing behavioural models, developing insights by combining different models and conducting new behavioural research.

Funding scheme: Collaborative Project (small or medium-scale focused research project)

Expected impact: The European added value lies in pooling experience at local level and developing new behavioural models that could be applied on a European scale. This research will make it possible to evaluate and develop strategies at European level with the aim of influencing behaviour, particularly of children. It will increase collaboration between different fields of science, contribute to the activities of the EU Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health and support European public health policy, such as the White Paper on Nutrition,Overweight and Obesity.


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Source: FirstClass / IamLooking4 / FP7/ 2008-11-10

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