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Biomass Plastic Production - Research project

Petroleum as a natural polymer feedstock for plastic production has reached its limits both in terms of its capacity for the long term as well as its pricing. In addition, the current process for sourcing polymer from a petroleum material pollutes the environment with toxic greenhouse gases emission.  
Plastic as a product has many virtues, and over the years it has been accepted as such, for enumerable applications from Industrial machinery down to the very low-cost consumer goods.

Over the recent years projects have been kicked off to try and provide the plastic industry an alternative resource for petroleum mainly as a renewable and sustainable source for polymers. In those recorded efforts the main raw materials for the production of the plastic had worsened our ecological balance between agricultural and wild territories and influenced commodities prices.


Specific research areas are:
-    Developing plastic from cellulose.
-    Tuning an existing biomass base industrial process to yield the required materials throughout the production phases.
-    Developing and testing of a suitable biological and chemical processing technique that matches the objectives.
-    Testbed for integrating the new raw material into an existing plastic manufacturing process.



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Source: NMP/ 2009-02-04

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